The 43rd Task Leaders Meeting

     The 43rd Task Leaders Meeting (TLM) was held September 20-22, 2021.  The meeting was virtual due to the ongoing pandemic.  Each task held virtual workshops prior to the meeting. Task Leaders then presented summaries at the TLM.  A representative from the AMF TCP also joined the meeting and presented an AMF overview and potential areas for collaboration.

     At this year’s TLM, three important new tasks for the future were added to the TLM discussions: Systems Analysis, Hydrogen and Its Vector Fuels, net-Zero Carbon Engine Technologies. The Systems Analysis task will provide science-driven higher-level analysis of the most prominent and realistic solutions for cost and time effective decarbonization of transport technologies based on the TCP research. Seven existing tasks, plus another new task under development were also discussed.  The seven existing tasks included: Gas Engines, Gas Turbines, Low-Temperature Combustion, Sprays in Combustion, Soot, Solid Fuels and Combustion Chemistry. The Low-Temperature Task was concluded at this TLM.  The task under development is focusing on exhaust aftertreatment for clean, efficient, near-zero carbon emission engine technologies.

     TLM continues to provide a unique opportunity for the leaders of the Combustion TLM collaborative tasks to bring all the task participants together for detailed technical exchanges as well as programmatic coordination.  More than 40 researchers and program managers attended daily from the 11 member countries.  The TLM was organized by the Sebastian Kaiser, Alba Dieguez Alonso, and Frank Behrendt (Combustion TCP Chair for 2019-2021) of Germany.