The Technology Collaboration Program (TCP) on Sustainable Combustion held its 45th Task Leaders Meeting (TLM) in Göteborg, Sweden on June 18-21, 2023. TLM provides a unique opportunity for the leaders of the Combustion TCP collaborative tasks to bring all the task participants together for detailed technical exchanges, as well as programmatic coordination.  Nine separate TCP tasks reported at the meeting: Systems Analysis, Policy Briefs for Hydrogen and Its Vector Fuels, net-Zero Carbon Engine Technologies, Gas Engines, Gas Turbines, Fuel Injection, Soot, Solid Fuel Combustion and Combustion Chemistry. This year was the first full in-person meeting since the pandemic with more than 57 researchers, program managers, and industry representatives attending from all 12 countries participating in the TLM and other countries. 

     Brief overview presentations were given by each Task Leader.  These were followed by detailed technical presentations from task participants. The technical content of the meeting reflected the new focus of the TCP on internal combustion engines for hard-to-electrify sectors of transportation and power generation and utilization of sustainable, non-fossil fuels in these sectors.  Contributions from invited speakers from Volvo and HUG Engineering provided information on the transition to fossil free heavy-duty transport and exhaust gas aftertreatment for large engines, respectively.  In addition, each task held a breakout session to discuss future directions, and a poster session that included additional research by students was held.   Overall, the meeting provided significant interaction and discussion among the TLM participants and others attending.

     The TLM was organized by the Öivind Anderson (the TCP Chair) of Lund University. The 46th TLM will be held in August of 2024 in the United States in Chicago.