Strategic Outlook

For the Earth's future it is essential that we increase our understanding of combustion processes to achieve further improvements in fuel-use efficiency while maintaining or improving environmental quality, and to ease the transition to alternative fuels.


The Implementing Agreement can have a big impact in improving the efficient use of fossil fuels as well as mitigating environmental pollutants. Combustion of gasoline in engines and furnaces results in emissions of a variety of pollutants.


This Implementing Agreement focuses on the understanding of combustion phenomena related to inefficiencies and emissions formation in energy conversion processes. The Agreement generates knowledge that is immediately useful and applicable to current technologies, as well as provides a solid foundation upon which innovative, revolutionary, or advanced concepts can evolve. The work within the Agreement is divided into eight Annexes, described herein. One is devoted to single investigator. tasks, six are multi-nation/multi-investigator collaborative tasks and one is focused on information dissemination.