Sprays in Combustion

The main focus of the Collaborative Task is on the engine sprays, including compression ignition engines, spark ignition engines and new engine combustion concepts. Also sprays of advanced fuels are included. Basic spray phenomena studies are also accepted. Other combustion related spray studies are accepted as subprojects too.


The collaborative task will have sub-projects on computational and experimental research. The aim is to increase the understanding of spray physics and also promote collaboration between experimental and computational research.


The improved combustion performance and emission reduction are the ultimate goals of the spray studies.


Sprays play a major role in air/fuel mixing and controlling the combustion. Combustion performance and emission formation is highly dependent on mixing phenomena.

Vuorinen et al., Atomization and Sprays 20, 2, 93-114 (2012)
Vuorinen et al., Atomization and Sprays 20, 2, 93-114 (2012)
Collaborative Task: Sprays in Combustion
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