Low Temperature Combustion (LTC)

Recently there has evolved a third type of combustion process for ICE (besides SI and CI). Here the fuel and air is reasonably well mixed before combustion starts but the process is initiated by auto ignition as in the CI engine. These combustion processes have many different names and acronyms like HCCI, PCCI, PCI, ARC, MK, UNIBUS, LTC etc. A common feature is that the combustion process can be conducted lean enough to prevent much of the soot formation and high temperature giving NOx can also be avoided. Perhaps the best term to use is low temperature combustion, LTC, but the most widely used term is HCCI. The combustion process in the HCCI engine is mainly driven by the chemical kinetics. Thus the chemical properties of the fuel are of outmost importance.


The intent of this IEA task is to look into the interaction between HCCI and fuels. It will be activities for both the gasoline and diesel type of fuels and HCCI with fully premixed charge and direct injection. In the latter case a gradual stratification will result with later and later fuel injection.

Task 4: Description of Collaborative Task HCCI fuels
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