Future Combustion Technology for Synthetic and Renewable Fuels in Transport

The sustainability and environment are key issues of the Collaborative Task. The research is focused on new and sustainable fuels in combustion, especially on renewable fuels in gas engines, in spark ignition engines, in compression ignition engines and in advanced combustion systems such as HCCI or kinetically controlled combustion. The sustainability studies themselves are not made within this task, this task is on performance and emissions.

Crude oil diesel vs. synthetic diesel
Crude oil diesel vs. synthetic diesel

The improved performance of internal and external combustion and emission reduction are goals of the alternative fuel studies but also the importance of finding other fuels that are not crude oil based. The collaborative task will have sub-projects on computational and experimental research. The aim is to increase the understanding of the combustion of alternative fuels and their pros and cons and also promote collaboration between experimental and computational research.

Collaborative Task Alternative Fuels in Combustion
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